Our Careteam

Cheryl Theriault

Veterinary Technician

Cheryl graduated from Seneca College in 1988 and has been a Veterinary Technician at Golf Glen Veterinary Clinic for the past 19 years. She finds it to be a great place to work and has made some great friends. Everyone works so well together and truly enjoys helping animals. Cheryl is married with 2 children, and has 2 cats at home, Dolly and Diego. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, scrapbooking and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys a good reality show!

Photo of  Cheryl  Theriault

Laurie Major

Veterinary Technician

Laurie is a Veterinary Technician and graduated from Seneca College in 1992. She joined the Golf Glen team in 2000. Laurie loves being a part of such a compassionate and fun group of people. She has a cute chocolate Lab named Izzy. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, working out and spending time at her cottage with her husband Mark and her daughter Marinna.

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Renee Burlanyette

Registered Veterinary Technician

Renee has been working at Golf Glen Veterinary Clinic since 2004. She started as a high school co-op student, then shortly afterwards was hired as a student animal care attendant. It was then that she realized working with animals was her passion and interest. In April 2011, Renee graduated from The University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus as a Registered Veterinary Technician. She feels fortunate to be a part of such an amazing team of great people who have supported and helped her get to where she is today in her career.

In her spare time, Renee enjoys playing with her Portuguese Water Dog, Norman, her Bearded Collie, Callie, and her cat, Henry, as well as spending time with family and friends. She loves the outdoors, camping, skiing and traveling the world. She hopes to one day have the opportunity to work with large animals or marine life, and to travel to Australia and New Zealand.
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Photo of  Renee  Burlanyette

Adelle Ismond

Registered Veterinary Technician

Adelle has always known she wanted to work with animals. She graduated from the University of Guelph from the Animal Biology program in 2010, and then continued on with her studies at Seneca College where she graduated as a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2013. She completed a coop placement with us while at Seneca and was hired shortly after graduation.

In her spare time she loves spending her time with her small herd of animals: a 3-legged dog named Teddy, a Belgian shepherd named Nelli, her 2 cats, Jax and Diablo, and her rabbit Joneeeh. She also spends a great deal of time riding her horse Whiskey and working with her young horse Elektra. When she’s not riding, she enjoys hiking, camping, and anything to do with the outdoors.

Photo of  Adelle  Ismond

Sara Wiedro

Veterinary Technician

Sara knew she wanted to work with animals from a very young age. She started off at Golf Glen as a college co-op student in Seneca’s veterinary technician program. Upon graduation she was hired to the Golf Glen team as a veterinary technician. In her free time Sara enjoys reading, sketching, camping and cuddling up to her gray DMH Oliver.


Photo of  Sara  Wiedro

Alisyn Di Felice

Animal Care Assistant

Alisyn has always known she wanted to work with animals. She has always had multiple pets around the house, along with fostering animals whenever possible. Alisyn graduated from the Animal Care program at Sheridan in 2013 and has worked at multiple animal shelters since then. She currently has four animals at home: three cats and a dog who acts like a cat. In her spare time Alisyn enjoys watching too much Netflix, reading, hand lettering, and spending time with her pets, family, and friends. 

Photo of  Alisyn  Di Felice

Taylor Gillies

Animal Care Attendant

Taylor was hired as an Animal Caregiver in 2012 after doing a high school co-op placement at the clinic. She is studying Early Childhood Education at  Seneca College  and has a black Lab named Rickey. Taylor enjoys spending time at her family’s cottage.

Photo of  Taylor  Gillies

Mary Jane Dvores

Animal Care Attendant

After completing her high school co-op at Golf Glen, MaryJane was hired as an animal caregiver. She has adored being around animals since she was little. She has a Coonhound named Benny and a kitten named Holly. She spends her free time outdoors camping, horseback riding or just playing with her pets. 

Photo of  Mary Jane  Dvores